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Recent Glamour Model Photography

Calling all South Florida Models - models wanted

We are always looking for new models for photographic assignments and casting calls that we do for our clients. We regularly test new models. If you want to get a professional model portfolio going or are looking for professional model photography for your comp card, please call Adept Glamour Photography Toll Free at (800) 816-2693 or (954) 351-8884.

NEW MODELS - Recent Portfolio Photography Shots

All of the girls shown on this page are new to modeling and in each case this was their first professional model photography shoot. The South Florida models shown here are some of my more recent models. and the photographs depicted on their individual pages are from their recent model portfolio shoots and should give you an idea of their range of looks. Should you be interested in using any of these models for paid assignments, please contact Adept Glamour Photography at the numbers above or email us at


Elisa is one of our all time favorites, she is amazing in front of the camera with all the right moves.  You don’t even need to tell her what to do it comes so naturally.  She is stunningly beautiful and absolutely the sweetest personality you’ll ever work with.



Tara is new to the modeling industry but is very enthusiastic to get her modeling career started and is extremely photogenic.  We have been lucky enough to work with her several times and it’s always been a pleasure.  She is dependable and show up ready to work it.



We recently used Melynda as a model for a student of our private photography lessons. We got way more than we asked for! Not only was she an absolute pleasure to photograph but we came away with some amazing photographs of Melynda.


Lorena has a great dark look with stunning eyes and lips that make it easy to shoot her in any situation.  She has a easy style about her and really knows how to move in front of the camera.



Alexa is a gem just waiting to be found! You cannot take a bad image of her as she has a very striking look and is a natural in front of the camera. She has a great sense of humor and brings a lot of fun to a shoot.


Samantha is a young, up an coming model with the looks and height needed to make it in the industry.  She has a very natural look to her but can pull off high fashion as well with the right wardrobe, hair and make up.  She is a pleasure to work with!




Laura is looking to break into the world of modeling and we can tell she will be successful! It was a lot of fun to work with her, she was very relaxed in front of the camera and has a cute young Christie Brinkley look that will get her far. Her photographs, taken both outdoors and in our studio came out absolutely amazing. See for yourself!


Rita is a dream girl - a total knock out. She has already had the call from Playboy and we are all hoping it works out for her. She has an exquisite body - she is only 19yrs old (2006) and is totally comfortable posing nude. Her parents are totally supportive of her glamour modeling career and act as her chaperone. She is polite, punctual and has a great attitude.



Rhonda is way HOT and is a natural at modeling. She moves and you just hit the shutter. She moves from one pose to another without any direction. And she really does know how to move. This was one of the easiest shoots I have ever done. She is in awesome shape, is very comfortable in front of the camera, has a wide range of looks, and is a blast to work with. Rhonda is going to be inundated with work after this shoot.






















Model Portfolios - Older Model Portfolio Photography


Brittni is a total breath of fresh air. She is fun and exciting to work with and has those beautiful lines that makes it effortless to nail stunning images. Brittni shows up to shoots early, fully prepared and brings a great positive attitude, and it’s obvious that she is serious about modeling. Brittni is a model that you never tire of shooting!


Ashley is a real beauty and you can't help but get some amazing shots of her. She is dependable, on time, and is an absolute joy to work with.



Lauren is a real gem. She started off slow but came alive once we started shooting. She loves to be the center of attention and that really shows in her model photographs. Not to mention her absolutely stunning hair, lovely body, and gorgeous smile.



Emilee has been a real joy to photograph. She shows up on time ready to go and always is at ease in front of the camera. We have photographed Emilee several times because we love to work with her! She makes our job easy by looking beautiful and giving us awesome shots.



Rose is my latest muse. Not only is she stunning to look at, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Despite being new to the modeling scene, she has all the makings of a successful professional model. Rose has great long legs, is 5'-8" tall and has a beautiful trim and athletic physique. She always shows up to the photo shoots prepared and is extremely positive and fun to work with. She makes great connection with the camera and the camera loves her.


Alyssa is one of those amazing woman who just come alive in front of the camera - she has never modeled before but you would think she is a long time professional model judging from these photos. Alyssa did the photos as a present to her husband, and made sure she included his treasured car in the photos!



Christina is stunning young girl who just comes alive in front of the camera - she has always wanted to model but had never had the opportunity to do it until now. A wonderfully petite and shapely figure, a great smile and awesome eye contact, Christina is a pleasure to shoot. Christina is very professional - she knows what she wants to accomplish and with hard work and determination I have no doubt that she will be very successful.


Rachael is a natural beauty from Australia. She is an accomplished model and has worked for many big names in the modeling industry. She was a pleasure to work with - she loved the camera and the camera loved her! It made our job both easy and fun. She can pull off any look and you cannot take a bad photograph of her.



Velvet has a body to die for - it's perfectly proportioned and in dynamite shape. Velvet is a new model to South Florida and keen to break into the scene. She is polite, on time and returns all calls. And she is fun to work with. Velvet is looking for all modeling gigs.


Every now and then a new face walks into your studio that takes your breath away. And its not necessarily the prettiest models that to this to you. Often its the undiscovered models with amazing inner beauty, strong resolve and a great attitude that inspire you most. Some of them captivate you in the first 10 seconds, and throughout a long shoot completely inspire you so much so that you really just don't want to keep shooting. Lara is such a model.



Allison is new to the South Florida Modeling scene.  She has a great look, makes wonderful eye contact, absolutely loves the camera and is a blast to work with. She can pull looks from the sweet ingénue to the rocker chick.


Jasmine had a unique look that was very fun to work with. She had a great sense of style and brought all kinds of fun outfits to use in her photo shoot. Jasmine's smile was beautiful and it really shines throughout every picture. With her dark skin tone every color looked amazing on Jasmine!











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