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Danny is an accomplished professional photographer with over 25 years  of experience.  Starting out as a freelance photojournalist in South Africa, Danny supplied the national magazines and journals with his photos in the early 80’s. Danny moved to the USA in 1993 and picked up  where he left off, immediately opening a photographic studio and  supplying his photographic services to both retail and commercial clients in South Florida. With more than 5,000 published images, Danny’s photos have appeared in many of the worlds leading magazines, PLAYBOY, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, PENTHOUSE, SCOPE, PICTURE, ESCALA, SO FLA, STYLE, STAR, SATYR, SQUIRE, and a host of other well known publications.

With his trademark high-end glamour style, Danny has helped jump start hundreds of modeling careers, and loves to transform everyday girls into super models. Danny can always be found photographing beautiful  women, taking headshots of actors and models, photographing fast cars and bikes, active extreme sports, and fitness models.

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