Glamour Model Comp Cards – Adept Glamour Photography

A Comp Card is a card with one or more pictures on it, with your name, contact information and vital statistics: Height, weight, hair and eye color, bust, waist, hips and dress size. It’s called a comp card because it normally comprises several images in a composition (composite). Very often your compcard will have a headshot on the front and several different looks on the back. You can have a one-side or two-sided comp card. The size of the comp card can vary but is typically in the 5×7″ range. 

Comp cards are designed to be printed in mass so that you can leave them with every agent, talent scout, and photographer you meet, so that they have something permanent to remember you by and also your contact information to get hold of you in the future when they need you to come and get your first paid modeling gig!

How do I go about getting my Comp Card?

Start off by finding a good photographer whose work you like and admire. A photographer who regularly photographs models. Book a model portfolio session with your photographer. Do headshots and body shots in several different looks. Do as many different looks as you can afford, and don’t be shy to experiment. Often a photographer will see something in you that you did not know was there. Take their direction – trust your photographer’s eye!

A starter model portfolio session can cost anything upwards from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the photographer and the amount of time you need.

From the shoot select the best images for your comp card – never more than 5 or 6 at the most. Take them to a local printer or email them to online comp card printers. They will tell you want size and resolution they need. Your photographer might also be able to arrange to have them done for you or point you to a good local printer. Get 100-200 cards printed. 200 Comp Cards should cost under $200. Most comp card printers have templates and can advise you on the design and look of your comp card.