Nude and Glamour Photography Workshop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Adept Glamour Photography

The Nude and Naked form is one of the oldest and most entrenched aspects in all of photography and art in general, and yet is the genre least attempted by most photographers.

Welcome to our introductory course which has been designed to give beginners through experienced amateur photographers an in depth knowledge of what it takes to create great glamour and nude photographs.

This course will deal with all aspects of the genre, and will help you avoid the many pitfalls that you might not have expected along the way.

Attendees will receive detailed instruction that handle all aspects of photography from finding and working with the models, to creating that perfect flattering lighting of your subject, and depending on the workshop will deal with either indoor-studio or outdoor-location photography.

Attendees will have the opportunity to pose, direct and photograph professional models in glamour, topless and nude.

Professional Photographers Danny Steyn and Brian Immke will be your instructors and Christy Ogden will be in charge of Makeup.  Our wonderful hairstylist Alex will be in charge of hairstyling.

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Heather – Model


Briana – Model






We start off the morning bright and early with coffee and a brief introduction. While the models are getting their hair and makeup done we start our class discussing our approach to glamour and nude photography, the lighting setup and model direction. We also discuss your equipment and how we will be integrating your specific camera into our lighting setup (synch cords, slaves etc.)

We then break into groups to photograph models. We will have four stunning models who will be posing in a range of outfits, from glamour to topless to nude. Two model sets will be in place to allow two groups to shoot at the same time.

Photographers will work one-on-one with the models, directing them into poses they like, and getting the photos they like. This will NOT be a free-for-all with everyone trying to direct the models all at once.

At midday we break for lunch. After lunch we continue photographing the models, changing out the models and their wardrobes. You will each be able to personally direct and photograph your models in a variety of outfits.

We then finish up with a review of your images on the big screen, and we will select a few images for a quick demonstration of our professional Photoshop editing tricks-of-the-trade to get the most out of your images.

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Course Outline 

The Studio Nude Genre

How the world views the distinctions between

Nude, Fine Art, Boudoir, Erotic

Equipment choices

Choosing the ideal equipment to get the most out of your shoot, including

  • Cameras – Film, Digital, medium format

  • Lens selection – aperture – Depth of field, light required

  • Previewing takes – Polaroid’s, LCD Monitors – tethered and  wireless

  • Studio lighting setup and control.


How to create flattering light for the nude and glamour model, including

  • Ambient

  • Flash / Strobe

  • Modeling lights

  • Metering light – incident vs reflected

  • Continuous – HMI, Tungsten, Daylight Fluorescent

  • Key Light

  • Fill Light and ratio

  • Hair Light and ratio

  • Rim Light and ratio

  • Background Light, effects

  • Soft-boxes, Umbrellas and light modifiers

  • Reflectors and Flags


Everything you need to know when working with models, including

  • How and where to find models

  • Professional conduct in working with models

  • Posing models – flattering assets and hiding flaws

  • Wardrobe choices – styling, background keying, covering up

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Model Fees

  • Scope of Shoots

  • Managing Model Expectations

  • Model Releases – legal requirements

  • Proof of Age


All the other important stuff you need to know, but were too afraid to ask

  • Permits – beaches, parks, public places

  • Property Releases

  • Insurance

  • Title 18 Requirements