Private Nude and Glamour Photography Classes Florida – Adept Glamour Photography

The professional studio photography course is an intense and thorough nude and glamour photography lesson in our local Fort Lauderdale studio. We will provide you with

  • a minimum of two hours of personal one-on-one instruction

  • a stunningly beautiful model

  • makeup artist

  • photography assistant

This is a 3-hour course at our studio. We get together at the allotted time (normally 10 am). The model will go straight into makeup. Danny will advise you on all your camera settings while the model is being prepared and will discuss the best approach in determining the appropriate wardrobe.

We give you an in depth introduction to our studio lighting, how to use the remote control of flash levels, channel selections, and how to exercise remote control over fill and key light ratios, as well as rim lights, hair lights and the use of flags, modifiers and reflectors. We also go though your equipment selection, set your white balance for our studio flash setup. We then check your histogram levels to check exposures.

Then we start shooting with the model. We analyze her strengths and weaknesses and determine how best to accentuate her strengths, and how to minimize her weaknesses. You will learn how to pose the model to accentuate her assets and hide her weaknesses. We show you how to use inexpensive props to create variety and interest. All aspects of nude and glamour photography are dealt with, including using flash, tungsten and ambient light in a studio environment.

The course is fun and relaxing and you are guaranteed to end up with some amazing shots for your portfolio. Take a look at the images below to see what stunning shots we have captured during our Studio One-on-One Nude and Glamour Photography Classes.

Note: You can add additional models to your shoot for a small fee – speak to Kim about this option

Sign up for your One-on-One Nude and Glamour Photography Workshop today Call Kim at (800) 816 2693 or (954) 240 5558 or email [email protected]